Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Piglet Surprise!

We stopped by The Compound late today to set up an automatic watering system for the farrowing pens, along with the normal chores and to our ecstatic surprise;  we have 4 new piglets!

She gave birth to 5, and at this point the remaining 4 are doing fine.  3 girls and 1 boy. Their umbilical cords are still attached (dry, but attached).  Mom is pooped to say the least, and not happy with the heat.  Heat index is between 105 and 109 degrees.  She's used her water dish as a wallow, she's been desperate to cool down.

While we were working on the auto feeder, we let her out and she ran to the wallow (I babysat).  Poor thing.  She didn't stay for long, she wanted back by her newborns.  The brief time in the wallow seemed to lift her spirits.  I feel for the poor girl, she can barely keep her eyes open, but she sure doesn't close them when people are around.

All things appear to be going as needed.  All of them are content.  The little "bacon bits" (name is courtesy of Preppy), are already wrestling with each other.  I'm sure to have more photos this weekend.  Don't ya just love little surprises?!

Brown one is the male, and he's feisty!

Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

We have a big weekend planned at The Compound, but we need dry weather.  Keep your fingers crossed!

We're renting a "bobcat" to help finish burying the container, moving and smoothing out dirt in low lying areas, hauling wood to stack, clearing some old and new property, and filling in large pot holes on the drive in.

When I put it all in writing it doesn't seem like much, but I'm hoping we can get most or all of it done!  We've plans to use the machine as much as possible.  If someone is up or can stay up, it's going to be doing something!  It's our chance to get a bucket full of stuff done as quickly and easily as possible.  The hand digging and moving of dirt in this heat is getting the best of us.

If I get my wish, we'll have a dry weekend with a slight overcast. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hog Tilling and Pest Control

Weeds are my enemy at The Compound.  I'm never one step ahead of them, and won't be until we start living there full time.  This is what my garden looks like.  A mess!  We've pulled up the weeds, only to have twice as many appear the next time.  So we're trying a new method;  Hog Tilling and Pest Control.

They do a great job of rooting up plants, eating grubs and fertilizing the area.    This is what they accomplished this weekend.  Fencing around this area is not as secure as their permanent enclosure, so we don't leave them in their except during the days when we're around.

I'm happy, they're happy..