Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."  - John F Kennedy

Thanks to everyone that stops by on occasion to read my posts.  I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hooked on a Feeling - It's Finally Fall at The Compound

I had the BJ Thomas song in my head this morning;  Hooked on a Feeling.  So now that I've dated myself and got those of you around my same age, singing this song to yourselves  Your Welcome!

To the Little Girl who was kind enough to give me Fludders, here's your update;

He's doing great!  At first he was a bit scared, especially of our white rooster.  He liked to hide to stay out of the way.  So this weekend we removed the white rooster and put him in his own area so Fludders can get more comfortable with his new home and with all the hens at The Compound.  He's been eating and actually making friends with our pigs too.  I even saw him napping next to some of my girl pigs on Saturday.  Thank you for giving him to me!  We will do our best to spoil him rotten!

The humidity and heat have finally backed off and if the weatherman is right, we may finally be able to put the summer of 2015 behind us.  Although it was a bit warm this weekend, the humidity was not there and the Moose only went through about 3 t-shirts.  That's how we gauge things, not by temperature but by how often he has to change t-shirts.

The guys finished our new turkey housing addition, (of which I didn't get any photos), moved the four teenage turkeys to the new enclosure and in with the original flock (there was a bit of a kerfuffle), and added another lean-to area for the male hogs.

I spent my time working on the garden beds, removing the yellowing leaves from the tomato plants, removing caterpillars which are the bane of my existence at the moment, and look at what they did in one week to my cucumber plants; 

I really hate using pesticides, but the bugs leave me no choice.  It's that or no vegetables.  I found three different type of caterpillars in my garden.  Some roll the leaves back over themselves so they can eat in peace, others just eat large holes in the leaves and the worst one's you can hardly see until they've had their fill; they make the leaves look like lace.  Frankly, the pesticide didn't even phase this last type.

The tomatoes are going strong, and I've only found a few small green inch worm type bugs, and a couple of black caterpillars.  Besides some leaf miners which out at The Compound always get on my plants, they seem to be doing really well.

While I was working in the garden, or frankly going just about everywhere one of our supervisors stuck by my side to make sure I was doing things right.  Here's Kitty-Kitty;

Of the three semi-feral cats we rescued this past year she is the friendliest.  Here are the other two  Bones and Claire;

Skin and "Bones"  he has a hard time putting on weight.

.That's it for now, you can go back to singing Hooked on a Feeling....


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Upcycled; Feed Troughs and Garden Update (another picture heavy post)

First of all, let me introduce you to our newest Compound member;  Flutters.   A Buff Orpington, someone in the area needed a new home for him and he is likely the luckiest rooster in these parts!  2.5 acres and over 30 girls to call his own!  We have him in a separate location from them at the moment just to make sure he's healthy (and we have no doubt), but it's a precaution we have to take with the investment we have in all of our girls.  In a few short weeks, he'll be introduced.
He may have second thoughts once the girls start to tell him who's really boss at The Compound!

Here's our upcycled project and garden update:



And this
Became this!  Pig trough/feeder and waterer.  Pigs are THE most destructive animals I have ever seen.  I make no promises this will hold up, only time will tell.  The barrels were cut in half, and then attached to some of the long and FREE wood pallets you see in the above photo.  Besides some nails and sweat equity by the guys the only real cost was the barrels at a whopping $10 a piece.  Yes, we found a mother load and a company that brings them in with aloe vera in them, we just have to rinse them out.  We bought 20, we'll use some to catch rain water, and about 10 of them to make feeders for each of the four areas we have hogs currently housed in by size or sex.

We'll keep you posted, but so far it's hard for them to manage standing in them, it's too slippery inside and for the larger girls, they  (the hogs) are just too wide to get a foot hold.  Although that didn't stop one from trying to chew on the wood!

Here's one of four sections of Kirby cucumbers.  It has taken off up onto the top of the shade cloth and reached over to the avocado tree we just moved there.  It's kind of creepy but it's almost as if they can see where to reach out to.

The honey bees are working their magic on the blossoms.  All morning the area had a quiet hum.  I left them alone.  I watered and picked off the occasional caterpillars later in the day.
Some romas starting to fruit.
Some cucumbers also taking shape.
Mini pumpkins.  A few of these should be ready for Halloween, and the rest for sure by Thanksgiving.

I'm growing these in the beds as well.  They are climbing up the shade cloth too and hanging over the edges.
To be honest, I have no idea what this is, could be cauliflower, broccoli or brussel sprouts.  We'll just call it a surprise!
A sunflower! 

In the background, is a newly sprouted mango!  It'll only take 7  - 8 years to produce, but you have to start somewhere.

We have forks in our hands just waiting for the first salad from our garden beds!

Otherwise, the Moose and I are pooped again this weekend.  The sun was definitely out, and we are counting down the days until the middle to end of October!  Bring on Fall!