Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally Some Relief

Well, I think fall is finally knocking on our door.  We have had some relief from the humidity and the temps are getting into the middle to lower 80's.  The humidity is really the main thing I'm glad to feel is going away.  It's actually been in the lower 60's in the mornings, which is awesome!  We can finally open the doors and windows and air things out, right up and until around lunch time.

All the animals, and especially the rabbits are enjoying the respite.  We brought Cannoli home last week so I can work on his eyes.  It's getting better, slow but sure.  I'm using a turmeric water solution (natural antiseptic, that doesn't sting) and aloe vera.  The deep bright pink around his eyes is back to normal, but there's still some gooky stuff coming out the tear duct area, which I think itches.  He's scratched himself and created a very small cut.  But his energy level is up, and for a rabbit that wouldn't even let you near him, I can now routinely scratch his head.  He's becoming quite the momma's boy.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the graham cracker or sweet potato treats.

We adopted three semi-feral barn cats.  One of which mauled the Moose, and gave him an infection he's been fighting all week.  I was asked;  "why cats".   We have so many animals now, including all the dogs that everyone owns, that having to use poison is not a good viable option to control the rat issue.  The rats eat the poison and run off to get some water.  Well, the dogs have access to the same areas, and I don't really want them to decide to make a dead or dying poisoned rat a chew toy.  So, hence the cats.  Which until it's dark we rarely see.  They came spayed, with shots etc.  But as long as they are off doing what cats should do, and what they've already been doing we should see some improvements.

Other than changes in the weather, it's really been the same old - same old the last couple of weeks at The Compound.  There's always a project or two, or three to work on. 

Until next time, have a great day!